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The "Faith" Poem poster

The "Faith" Poem Poster

The "Faith" Poem Poster is the result of a nine-month collaboration with photographer Pete Anger, Columbia, Missouri. The poem is inset into a small portion of the poster with the title "Faith" written in large print at the bottom of the poster. Price includes shipping and handling. (Size = 16" x 20")

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Rebuilding the Front Porch of America: Essays on the Art of Community Making

In hearing and reading Patrick Overton, one's reactions alternate between "Eureka! A fresh insight!" or "This guy just put into words what I've been brooding about!"   

From the Foreword by Harvey Stower, 1997
Mayor, Amery, Wisconsin

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Grassroots & Mountain Wings

Grassroots & Mountain Wings

As facilitator for the Grassroots and Mountain Wings Symposium, at which the articles in this book were first presented, I can testify firsthand to the vitality and vision of the individuals who contributed to this publication. The articles in this book offer a collective statement about the role and value of the arts as a source of renewal and revitalization for rural and small communities.

From the Foreword by Lee J. Cary, 1992
Founding President, Community Development Society of America

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The Leaning Tree

These poems not only attract and hold the reader - they have a "lingering quality" that persists beyond the final line. . .The heart and mind are opened to a Reality that calls one, persistently, to reach out to what lies beyond, to search for what lies beneath and to become that "someone that he could never have been alone." Depths are stirred that will not be the same again

 From the Foreword by Thomas J. Liggett, 1975
 Former President, Christian Theological Seminary

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