The Front Porch Institute provides a number of professional, organizational, and community/cultural development workshops including:

Navigating White Water in A Leaky Raft

Helping nonprofit, community-based organizations survive chaos, crisis, and change.

Art, Creativity and Essence of Place:  Engaging the Democracy of Civil Discourse

A workshop on identifying community values and developing strategies for citizens to work together to create circles of convergence to preserve and protect the best of who we are and, at the same time, promote the most of who we can become.

The Deep Voice:   The relationship between art, healing, and spirituality.

This workshop explores historical and contemporary links that exist between art, healing, and spirituality.  While this is not a faith based workshop, it does draw on various secular and religious traditions that define ways in which the arts contribute to healing and spirituality.

After Burnout, What?

A professional development workshop for community based nonprofit paid and non-paid, administrators.

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